"Beat Bee Eye Yew"

Jacob tried so hard to understand the rivalry this year.
I love when my kids start understanding football and the excitement around their Dad's job.

It is especially fun to watch them wrap their little melons around the 'rivalry'

Like when Ashtyn and Alayna got out of the car in Provo a few years back,
took in a deep breath and
looked at each other saying in unison,
BYU really does stink.
(they aren't allowed to say byu sucks, only byu stinks)
We also have been working on being Utah Fans, not byu haters ;)

First Jacob kept asking questions about colors of the teams.
Then he was very curious where byu was located.

In years past we have stayed with the team at the hotel in Provo.
This year we had soccer games all day saturday.
We left early so we would miss traffic.
And we did.
We arrived at the hotel in time to make posters and
watch the players board the buses.
Ashtyn thought of many ideas for her poster using play on words and ended up with this one.
She thought it was pretty cool to get a picture with Brian Blechen and Jordan Wynn and the poster.
Alayna was a little perplexed by the play on words....
She wanted to draw a tractor/bus/truck for Jacob and ended up with this poster.
When we walked into the stadium they had to approve all our posters and if not fully explained it could have read "Run over those 'bleep' byu cougars"
but the beep is Coach Jay Hill honking the horn ;)

Jacob's poster said Beat BYU!

Let me preface, Jacob is four
and other than a minor lisp he speaks very well.

BUT the poor guy tried and tried but could not get his lips wrapped around these words. Instead kept saying
"Beat Bee Eye Yew"
then a crooked look knowing something wasn't right
"Beat Bee Eye Yew"
Eventually after saying it wrong to about 50 players getting on the bus he started saying "Good Luck".

After the game he was in unbelief as he kept asking if we had "beat bee eye yew"
As we have listened to Sport Talk in the car he hears byu or provo and reminds me that we went to provo where byu is and and we beat them.

We all liked this guy

And just for the record,
The night before the game I told Jay
"Please, please make this one a blow out. I really want it to be 54-21"

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