The Hardest Thing You Will Ever Do......

Jay and I don't get much time to talk this time of year.
But He really is my best friend and I look forward to seeing him and talking with him every night.
Even though it usually last all of 5 minutes before we can't hold our eyelids or mouths open any longer.
Sometimes I unload in a verbal dump of my day.
Most of the time I just ask him to tell me something funny that happened that day.
He always has something that was funny or unbelievable.
I love it.

The other night I asked if he had read the email from CJ, his nephew on a mission.
I told him how he sounds like he is doing well, he has a companion from the States, He wrote how much He is loving his sector (area), his ward and how there are a bunch of really cute girls in this ward...Not that he is looking...just saying....but they are awesome!

We had a good laugh but I love Jay's perspective. He said how on your mission you have to have fun and not take EVERYTHING so serious. Otherwise you become someone who say a mission was the HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.

Jay loved his mission. He describes it as some of the best, most fun years of his life.

So I asked him what is the hardest thing you have ever done?

He thought for a minute.....

LOSING! Losing football games...

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