It's All In The Family....

My dad is one of 7 kids
There are 30+ grand kids, many of them married almost doubling that number.
Reunions are so 20th century, so I mostly get to know my extended family through the internet.
One of my favorite internet family members is Camille, a cousin in law.
She makes me laugh out loud in just about every blog or facebook post. Way funnier than my actual cousin, which makes me wonder how he got such a catch??

She makes me laugh, but I'm pretty sure I make her snicker every time she posts about North and South AND I tell her how much Jay and I love that series with Patrick Swayze AND she tells me AGAIN, She likes the Patrick Swayze one, but that is not the North and South she was referring to... Maybe she doesn't snicker, but just roll her eyes??

ANYWAY.... few months ago, she posted on facebook that she would take any little boy clothes from anyone who had some extras laying around.

Well fancy that, I had just been to kid to kid
And I swear!
that place has a limit
of $20 on clothes.
No matter how many items
they buy they always say

"Looks like we can buy these items for $17.25 unless you would like store credit {{Big Grin}} we can give you and additional 20 % making it $20.70.
Which I won't complain about,
since I can get a new pair
of tap or ballet shoes
with that $20.70
and I don't even have to
touch the debit card....

But back to Camille and her request, thanks to kid to kid I still had a couple totes of boy clothes just her sons size! And so happy to see the go to someone who would appreciate them......

I know cuz I have yet
to buy many clothes
for Allie
thanks to Emily
and baby Taylor.

So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to see these clothes put to good use....
In particular this outfit she recently blogged about....

Camille, little do you know I LOVE the sweatersuit, one piece outfits.
So much so,
when Emily brought her box of hand me down clothes, those were the first ones I picked and pretty much the only ones I put on Allie.

So much so,
I wonder why they even sell two piece set for children under 2.

So much so,
I was devastated when Ashtyn decided to be potty trained by 2. You see a 2 year old can't undo and redo the snaps to pee.

As soon as I saw cute little Jballz posing just like Po (the red teletubby) I had to pull out the photo book...ok, I lie, the shoe box of unorganized photos of Ashtyn and search for her wearing the same outfit...
(oh yeah, did I mention, some of those clothes may or may not be 8+ years old?)

So I found this one,
Just don't judge me for the fact that I can't focus a picture,
It was probably on purpose so you wouldn't be able to see what a messy house I was keeping.

Then I found this one, and nevermind the messy house,
how bout a bath and a comb for my kid?
Seriously?? I had one kid and 600 square feet of space??
At least now I have a real excuse, 4 kids gets you a free pass on a clean house and baths anyday


Camille said...

AHAAHAHAHAHAH! I love it! You know, Patrick Swayze is nice and everything, but... ;)
I like those one-pieces also, I always, always pack them a back-up in the diaper bag. They take up less space! Except this little red number...it's not very space friendly. But it sure keeps him warm. And it sure makes his butt look large and fluffy! :)

Phil said...

I had just enough funny in me to trick her into marrying me. Sadly, my funny all is depleted now.