Last Tuesday Night

Tell the monkeys to get their jammies on and come down for prayers.

Jacob says the family prayer which includes 2-3 ridiculously deep breaths to start, then "Henly Fodder" followed by a gulping swallow or two. "Fank you for this day, Bless us to be heathful" a few friend requests (not the facebook kind, playdates for the next day) "Please bless daddy to come home safe" all of this while his eyes roll aimlessly wandering the room and finishing with "Name Gees Christ Amen"

All monkeys in bed with a promise that Dad will check on them and tuck them in when he gets home, like he does every night.

Jacob is out of bed to pee and brush his teeth....again.

Jacob starts singing every song he knows

Per Jacob's request, I check on him and assure him Daddy will tuck him in when he gets home.

Another request to come in his room
"Mom, Mom, Maaawwwwm......Will you call the football players and tell them not to play the game tomorrow so daddy can stay home and play with me?"

Assure him again, dad will tuck him in and we will go see daddy tomorrow at his work.

Jay calls to tell me he is almost home and to keep kids awake so he can say goodnight to them.

Check on Jacob and tell him daddy will be home in 5 minutes to tuck him in. Jacob barely replies as he is drifting off to dream land, "Well.....he.....was taking too long.......So... I......just put.....my... blanket on.....myself.

Jay tucks in a lights out Jacob.

*Like I told Jay, it is a good thing Jacob wants to play with dad. By mid season with the girls they wanted nothing to do with the stranger they called dad. Up until they hit about 1st grade they both had a hard time with the transition from Dad home all summer to his disappearance come fall camp and the season. It is to Jay's credit for being such a good husband and father that he is missed so much.

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Lindsey said...

That is soooo oddly familiar! And it's even worst for away games! "Mom, WHY dad have to go to Anabama?" "I hate for dad to go to Atucky!"

Poor kids. So hard for them!"

(Jacob's prayer is so sweet!)