Anything is possible...

It was a long drive to Black Island Farm. Here's a snippet of the conversation along the way.

Ashtyn: I've been thinking, remember how Alex Smith didn't go undefeated his first year but by his senior year he was the QB that took us 12-0 and to the fiesta bowl. And then there was Brian Johnson who was the same. You know not so well known and then he was the QB who led us 12-0 and to the Sugar Bowl. Well what if Jordan Wynn is like the others and is just warming up, getting ready to take us 12-0 next year and we go to another BCS bowl?

Mom: that would be pretty great huh? I guess anything is possible..

Alayna: HUH?!? ANYTHING is possible? So When we get to the pumpkin patch I could sprout wings and flap my way high into the sky? Then I could look down and see you guys looking like little ants.

The kids had so much fun. 3 + hours of slides, swings, animals, a corn maze, train ride, tire graveyard, hayride to the pumpkin patch, pig races and so much more.

Unfortunately, Alayna did not sprout wings. But I do hope Ashtyn is right and Jordan Wynn will help the Utes to another BCS game next year.

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