Alayna has a very special relationship with the tooth fairy.
She leaves the T.F. notes, playgrounds, houses and of course, teeth.
She tells me that the T.F. uses those teeth. They are ground down to make their bread.
And according to Junie when you lose a tooth it goes to a baby who grows a new one.

The best part about this very special relationship is
it is so real to her.
We pulled off the freeway and there was a man with
a cardboard sign asking for money.
She asked, "why he doesn't just get a hammer and
knock out all his teeth and have the Tooth Fairy
bring him$32? Then he could buy some food."

BUT...She is not the only one in this family who believes in Fairies....

Maybe it's genetic, but Jay believes in Fairies

In the Sock Fairy
A lovely little fairy, that picks up his socks since he can't walk barefoot on the carpet before bed.
So every night he gets in bed, pulls his socks off and tosses them to the side and magically by the time he gets in bed the next night they are gone and he pulls his socks off again and tosses them to the side.

He also believes in the T.P. Fairy.
This fairy is a little more popular, You know the one that takes the used cardboard roll of toilet paper off the holder and replaces it with the one sitting on top.

As for me, I keep hoping the weeding fairy and the cleaning fairy visit me.....soon.

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Camille said...

The Sock Fairy never visits our house.

But, we do have a Sock Graveyard. On Phil's side of the bed.