Fall Piano Recital

We changed piano teachers this past summer. Janet was in our student ward years ago and I learned that she taught lessons when we started preschool at her neighbors house and saw a sign. The girls were so nervous to change but loved her from the first lesson.

Alayna was nervous to perform, this being her first recital. She was in tears as she practiced before we left. She did great. She told me after that she made a mistake, I let her know I couldn't even tell, you probably won't either. (I was holding Allie and finally decided to pass her off to Ashtyn, but the beginning is bouncy)

I love that Ashtyn will sit down outside of practice time and play. Thanks to a mom who played us all to sleep every night, I love having a house filled with piano music.

Next to my own children, THE BEST part of the recital were the gang of boys doing the wave after their buddies or buddy's sister performed. Who says recitals are boring?!?

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