Jacob's Room

Mom came to stay with us last week and Jacob wanted to show her his room. But unfortunately my house has too many stairs so we made a video and Jacob gave her a tour.

One of my favorite things growing up was decorating and redecorating our rooms. Mom was so creative and I loved how she would let us be a part of the process.
How I wish I had pictures of each time we decorated our room.
The best is when Mom gave me creative control in high school
and I painted the glass globe light?

That is probably why I love making my house a home and enjoy design so much.

I also LOVE home shows/tours/open houses. Free snoop time.
Alayna was given this gene as well
as she asks for a tour at just about
every house we visit, friend or not?

So why not open my house up for a tour?

We will start with Jacob's room
A sports theme of course....
I found his bed on ksl classifieds/craigslist. It started out like this (pic @ end of the post) I painted it a barn red and added football pulls.
His light was a clearance item I found at Emily's Lowes for $35.
Night light is a planet shape from Ikea
I don't love valences, but in Jacob's room, he would be swinging from drapes so the valence is from his nursery bedding set.

The hanging airplanes are from the free build n grow clinic at Lowes. We painted them to match his nursery bedding.
Last winter, I was so sick and pregnant but felt so bad for Jacob being cooped up all day I decided to put a swing in his room. I originally planned to hang it from the ceiling but didn't have enough room, so on the bed it went. It is perfect for a leisure swing.
His bedding is the softest, warmest corduroy set from Walmart. And it has washed so well so many times......
The item that took the longest to find/figure out was what to put over the bed. I thought of so many options. But it is where he sleeps and put his legs up on that wall so I had to keep that in mind. I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to do a football field. It took a year and a million searches, failed attempts until I found this rug. When I found it, the heavens opened and angels sang, at least I felt like they did, I was so excited. The perfect size and Univ of Utah.
The chair is from a set that we moved to the basement and the most comfortable one in the entire house. I put it in there to encourage even more story/snuggle time for Jacob.
The bookshelf I made when Ashtyn was 2 or 3 as a knock off from Pottery Barn.
The letters are paper mache from JoAnns. I saved my 40% off coupon and bought one each month til I had his whole name. Each one mimics a sports ball with paint, fabric (they have basketball feel fabric) or stitching. Probably my favorite part of his room. I love how he spells his name every time he looks at it.
I will admit that his room is not always this clean.
BUT it usually can be in 10 minutes or less.
If I want my kids to keep their rooms clean it has to be easy.
Kids like to stuff and shove so why not let them.
So I keep it pretty simple but I also spend time cleaning their rooms with them every few months.
Toys have 3 options, the train box, car box or toy box.
I keep a few things separate so they are easy to find, usually the smaller, most played with items. So for Jacob he has a box for trains and the 2 yellow boxes on his bookshelf for cars.
This way he doesn't dump out the entire toy box looking for Thomas or the green matchbox car. He had the sort figured out right away and knows where to put his cars or trains so they don't get lost. He is not perfect but when I help him clean his room and we sort through all the boxes he is able to get everything in order.
This also gives him a opportunity to sort an important skill for kindergarten.
But it also helps when at a store and he says he wants another toy and I tell him that his boxes are full and there is no more room.
The rest of his toys get dumped in the toy box which makes cleanup so quick and easy.

One of the other things I find important in a kids room is easy taking care of clothes. Jacob has been putting away his clothes since he was 2. I sort them into pants, shirts, jammies and roos then he puts them away in the drawers. I put hooks in my kids closets for easy hanging. 4 year olds don't do hangers but can put jackets, hats and bags on hooks.

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Rudy Rukus said...

Reasons my house it ugly I am not patient enough!!!! Wow there is much to be learned from you girl!