City Creek, the Happiest Birthday place.

I have such a hard time when it comes to gifts for Jay.

Last year, shortly before his birthday, we went together to Sportsman Warehouse and looked at fishing poles. We spent a good 2 hours looking and talking to a salesman. When we left there was a basic nonverbal agreement that I was to get it for his birthday.
Well, the day before his big day I was complaining to my sister that He was so hard to buy for and I never knew what to get him and blah, blah, blah. I ended up getting him some lame rib rack and junk for the grill. It wasn't until a week later when he I was taking him to the airport, it hit me, I was supposed to get him the 'carrot stick' fishing pole for his birthday.
I didn't even remember when he opened his birthday cards and took the checks out and said, I guess I'll get my fishing pole with this money.
I am such a dork.

He did get the pole and he did lose it on the bottom of the Teton river.... :/
Bottom line, I can plan a party way better than buy a gift.

I like to do more than dinner and a movie, especially for special occasions like a birthday. Although dinner and movie takes way less effort :) I thought maybe I could get an amazing race put together. But wanted to be with the people we had invited so the next idea was a mall scavenger hunt.

AND It just so happened that City Creek Mall was opening the this exact weekend.
Perfect timing!

When I told my sister about it, she laughed and said I did that in 6th grade.
When I asked Jay if he was excited, the night before the party, his response made me wonder if we should just go to dinner and a movie :/

I browsed through pinterest for ideas and inspiration.
I found this site where I purchased the 'Amazing mall scavenger hunt' and modified it for our group and mall. It had great ideas.

Here's how the night went...
We had 7 couples divided into 2 teams.
The clock started at 8:04pm
They had 45 minutes to find as many items as possible on their lists
The team with the most points wins.
To decide the winner of the trophy and $100 cupcake the couple within the winning team to discretely pick up the most items from different stores won. (There was some discrepancy in the judging that led to drawing a couples name from the bag and it confirmed the winner)

It was so fun to watch everyone getting their pics and items

Picture with strangers kissing 10 pts

Picture of someone trying on the tackiest outfit 20 points

Picture of something your grandma would NOT want for Christmas 5 points

Picture with a security guard giving a peace sign 5 points

Picture with strangers spelling out YMCA with their bodies 15 points
The best part is they had YMC but then had to get red shirt girl to join in for the A
Awesome teamwork!
The hunt ended at Hagemanns Bakehouse and Cafe where the Judges (My babysitter, nephew and his friend) tallied points and we ate delicious cupcakes. Blake and Josie were the winners and we all had a good laugh.

The night was made by great friends and family that we love hanging out with!

**I forgot to post one of the best parts. Ty dressed like Waldo, the team to catch and get a pic got 30 points. Picture to come later.... A big thanks to Ty for subjecting himself to hearing people say "found him" all night.

I put my modified hunt here on google docs

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