It has been too long since I last posted.  I get sad when I think of all the things I haven't had the time to write. I had to write this one down, and I'm sad I didn't do it sooner, because I'm sure I have already forgotten parts :/

It is the end of summer.
Jay has been back at work. Long fall camp hours.
We are days away from starting school and I am trying really hard not to have my own meltdowns on a daily basis.

 Jacob comes down artificially howling and whining to tell me how Alayna has hurt him in some awful mean way. (One of the parts I have forotten :( I kind of think it was a punch or some sort of smack?)
I quickly redirected his attention, which at his age is effortless and went on with my business of preparing dinner.

Alayna comes down and proceeds to explain the events that led to Jacob's outburst.  Being an all-knowing mother, I already knew exactly what had happened and would not allow her to confess or report. She would start, I would interrupt and say, "I know", she would try to continue and I would cut her off and say "I don't need to hear about it" this happened over and over.  I never allowed her to get a word in knowing SHE knew she was in the wrong and knowing I didn't need (or want) to make it an issue. Dinner was paramount.

Chapter 3
Apparently upset that I had not given an acceptable reprimanding she huffed herself off the barstool.  With shoulders slumped and feet dragging Alayna made her way to the microwave and set the timer with a dull moan, shuffled over to the black bench (designated time out spot) gave every ounce of effort to spin herself around and plop her fanny on the bench.

Chapter 4
As the rest of the family continued to prepare for dinner, Allie biting at my ankles, Jacob setting the table and Ashtyn getting drinks, Alayna endured her self inflicted punishment.  Now here's what I didn't forget....
Ashtyn on her very best behavior (which always happens when the 'other' sibling is in trouble) asks Alayna if she would like milk or water.  Alayna dutifully ignores her as she is serving her time.  Ashtyn asks a second time, Alayna with some fantastic hand gestures and a "bbzzzpt" shhhes Ashtyn. Then with exasperation and an eye roll says "I'm IN a TIME oo-ww-t" 

Chapter 5
We sit down to the table, the timer beeps, Alayna joins us and we all have a lovely dinner.

Sometimes it's just easier to let them tend themselves....


Lyndi Duff said...

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

Tyler and Sheree said...

Nice. It never would have ended that way at our house. Mom would have lost her head and kids would have paid dearly! Good Job Sarah!