The Wives Trip

The wives trip! I look forward to it all year.  It is usually a short trip.  This year it was 36 hours. But a get away nonetheless. Our flight landed about 6pm.  The team deplanes right to the buses but Jay and I were whisked away through the underground baggage claim to get a rental car.  He had a high school game to go recruit.  I was so amazed how cold it felt in Bellevue/Seattle.  The temperature was 39 degrees but we felt like it was 5.  I was glad I went so I realized I needed to get more layers. After rubbing elbows with the HS coaches and standing out like clifford the big red dog in my red coat, Jay took me to the hotel to warm up at half time. It was fun to hang out with him at a HS game and watch the HS dynamics.  A little scary to think we will have one of those crazy high schoolers in just a few short years...
It was about 9:30 by the time the game was over and we decided on a place to eat. Daniels at the top of our hotel. Our table had a great view, the concierge sent us an appetizer and the steak was melt in your mouth.

I know I'm not the only wife who enjoys the extra sleep, so sleeping in and there have been some trips even a mid day nap is heavenly. We met for brunch and got to know wives better and reconnect.  It is so fun to have such a fantastic group of women for support.  It is a crazy profession and the kind love and genuine support is what gets us through.

Our tailgate was at the Mariners Stadium next door to the Seahawks stadium where we played the game.  A fun, non conventional place to tailgate while Washington is rebuilding their stadium.
Not all the wives, but a few of us cheering on our team.  And holding back or backing up the ones about to fight annoying Washington fans.
It is hard to watch your team lose when you know how much heart and soul, how many hours and hours go into a game plan. 
But it is amazing to see them pick themselves up and start all over hours later as they go in and prepare for the next opponent.

It always amazes me how much goes into traveling with the team.  We leave straight from the stadium to the plane. No airports.  Here we are at the stadium going through security so we can board straight from the buses.
There is nothing Jay hates more than losing.  He (just like all the coaches on our staff) fights so hard to find the why and where the problems are.

Although it was a loss and this season has been a tough one, we still have each other and a beautiful herd of kids.  Of course wives trips are better when we win, but having a 36 hour break from single parenthood and spending it with and watching this guy....I will take it win or lose.


Rudy Rukus said...

It was fun! Hope you are enjoying this break as much as I am!! Bitter sweet I know but ahhhhh until traveling and then spring ball and then...... It is never ending :)

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