And now, the rest of the story.

A few weeks before Alayna wrote this wish list to Santa

We are not sure when she lost her Ipod, and have searched high and low turning our house and the cabin inside out in hopes to find it.  Knowing Santa is "magic" I think it was a last resort.

Unfortunately Santa is not that magic... :(
So he wrote her this note and set it out for Alayna Christmas morning.

It reads, 
Dear Alayna,
I love you very much.You are a very special girl, and I love watching you be good and trying to be good all year. I know it can be hard with a brother and sisters, but it makes me especially jolly when you are kind to them.
You have a very special place in my heart. I get so excited to hear what you want for Christmas each year. You are a creative one.
You asked me to find your Ipod touch this year. The problem is… I am not in the business of finding.  I give children toys and sometimes they loose them. I am sorry that you have misplaced your Ipod, but I know that you will do your best searching high and low to find it.  And if by chance you don’t find it, maybe that will be something you put on you list for next year. You are a good girl and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the surprises I brought to you this year.
Much Love,

She was so funny Christmas morning about the letter.  She read it and announced to me "Santa thinks I'm creative!" but then would not let me see it.  It was just to her and she was COMPLETELY satisfied.

Fast forward to January 7th.  Ashtyn needed a bag for her ski lessons and found Alayna's Ipod in her old backpack.  We were all thrilled.  

But here is the BEST part...
The next morning Alayna found a bedazzled stitch case on her dresser and the Sir George Mud Fudge sitting on Alayna's shelf.  
Santa has still got his "MAGIC"

(I will keep my feelings of the elf on the shelf to myself except... The E.O.T.S. was one of my regrettable motherhood purchases and Sir George is an Elf on the SHELF. The.End. To the dismay of the monkeys, no craziness here.  Although I do appreciate his help in bringing this special late gift back from the north pole, so not a total regret.)


Rudy Rukus said...

That is pretty amazing!! Yay for magic Santa I still believe

Wendy said...

I love it!!