This is one of my latest favorite go to recipes. It is so quick, easy and easy to keep the ingredients on hand. Ultimately I'd like to get my whole family eating clean on a regular basis. But in the stage we are right now it's not always optimal. So especially when the kids have chosen a meal I have very little interest in eating (waffles or Mac n cheese) The best part is it is right at 200 calories.
So here it is.
1/3 cup corn & black beans ( you could use just onions and peppers, but I like having beans in it. )
1-2 cups cabbage (sometimes I use coleslaw when I can't find plain cabbage)
2 egg whites
1 whole egg
2TBS salsa. I'm currently loving tostitos restaurant salsa

In a skillet heat up the frozen veggies and the cabbage. When they start to get soft push them to the side and add the eggs fry up the eggs. I like to scramble them. Once firm mix the veggies back in. Add salsa and cook till all liquid is gone. Then enjoy! (With a plastic fork, of course)

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Rudy Rukus said...

That sounds yummy and fast.