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I think about this dumb blog daily.  It kind of annoys me sometimes.  But I can't shake the feeling that I need to get things written down for my kids.  I wonder all the time how my mom must have felt as a mother of 4 crazy kiddos.  The emotions she had, the worries, the funnies, the frustrations.  I want my kids to know that I am an imperfect human trying to live life to the fullest.
(Although for now they can just continue to repeat after I ask, what does mommy know? "everything" Brainwashing at it's finest)

So to give you an idea of what our life is like, here are some of the most recent pics from my phone.

Allie: She HAD her hair in two adorable heart shape top knots that Alayna had very lovingly put in. This is similar to the hair that inspired me to dress her up as Albert Einstein for Halloween this year. This pic was taken after she had kissed, slobbered and smeared 15 linear feet of mirrors in Ashtyn's dance class.

This is a pic sent to me by Jen from the wives trip last weekend.  My favorite weekend of the year. Such beautiful ladies inside and out.  So lucky to be a part of this Ute family.

Oregon's mascot took a fan's box of crackers and was eating them, which made me think of and miss my kids.  Had to get a pic for them but was happy to have them at home so I could watch the game. Although, when we lose, sometimes I'd rather have my kids to distract me.

These next two I took of the stadium hoping they would send to Drake (our friends little boy).  He is such a Ute fan and the cutest one there is.  But like most stadiums, cell service wouldn't send til after the game :(

We saw this pole when we walked into the stadium.  Thinking it was a good omen, I snapped a pic.  Unfortunately, there will be a yellow one put up for this game.

This is a pic of a house flyer I sent to Emily.  They are/were in the market for a house near Jeff's new chiropractic practice here in Murray.  She let me know they are going to hold off on moving here probably until school is out and then try to find a place then.  I still enjoy searching homes and pulling flyers.  Some days I think I should have been a real estate agent.

This is a screen shot I wanted to save from instagram because I love the stone on this fireplace.  Jay says planning and dreaming about the cabin is his happy place.  I love that he loves to dream the same way I do. We will see what the cabin becomes.... Right now in our heads it's going to be grand!

I was listening to the red hot chili peppers pandora station and it is a familiar place for me.  For whatever reason it takes the loneliness of the season away for a minute. So I screen shot what I was listening to.  If I want to mellow it out a bit I go to my Sarah McLachlan/Natalie Merchant playlist. For some weird reason they feel like old friends.

I take a picture of the board at crossfit with the theory that I will see my progress and be able to keep track of times and wods.  But many times I forget to take the pic and then I have yet to look back and see what my times are, so my theory is pretty much dead. Occasionally, I do show Jay my times and proof that I came in first beating the 3 other guys in class that day.

This is a pic sent to me from Jamie the first time I climbed the rope.  I was so excited to have reached a life long goal.  I put it here because I am stinking stoked that I did it AND because I want my kids to know I am proud of reaching goals and accomplishments.  In a parenting article it talked about why kids idolize the Taylor Swifts and Michael Jordans of the world.  It's because they do amazing/cool things or do things really well! They suggested that you as a parent do something really well and amaze your kids.  I'm not going to ever sing on stage or win an NBA championship, but I can climb up that rope!

^^So this was a bad day..... When you get in a losing slump and your wife taking your picture is NOT fun There's not much else you can do but eat a 1/2 pound reese's peanut butter cup.  (*for the record I was told NOT to take this picture OR to put it on the internet. I will just claim the statute of limitations applies here...? Oh and he did not make it through the whole cup a few bites and he tapped out.)

....And I will end this post with the same adorable, slightly spoiled spunky kid.  I seriously considered getting this for Jay.  I imagine him carrying it around all day with his mt dew or coke like Si from Duck Dynasty carries his Tupperware iced tea cup.  Can't you just picture Jay out on the practice field toting this honking mug....in the weight room....on the sidelines of the game. {{just makes me giggle}}

So there you have it, a small peek into the regular life of the Hills.  What I would give to have a weeks worth of pics from my mom's life 30 years ago!

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