J.J. and Jay

I don't know how he does it, but man oh man this little guy can make you feel 10 feet tall. Like you are walking on sunshine.  Like you are the only person in HIS little world that matters.  And the crazy thing is that it's not just his mom he is able to make feel this way.  Any time he sees an aunt, grandma, friend, neighbor, he hollers their name, runs and squeals til he reaches them and nearly takes them out with a tackle hug.  So authentic and palatable. I could go on and on about what a good big brother he is to Allie.  How he gets her up in the morning, makes her waffles or gets her yogurt.  Always gives up what he has to Allie when she is squawking for it. (Not always happily, but always gives it to her) He is such a protector, play mate and friend to Allie. BUT that is NOT what I intended this post to be.  

Every morning and every night Jacob wants his Dad.  He reminds me over and over and over and... over... to have Dad tuck him in.  He tries so hard to stay awake til Jay gets home, by reading books, sneaking toys and lights into his bed, turning the light back on after I've tucked him in. When Jay gets home he always tucks him in.  In the mornings we say family prayers when Jay leaves at 6am and Jacob never fails to ask "can I come see you at work? Will you call me?"  This is done ritualistically and occasionally while he is still asleep.  One day this past season he asked Jay if we could come see him at work. Jay said yes and Jacob fell back to sleep.  The minute Jacob got home from kindergarten he asked can we go see Dad? and the pestering did not stop until we were in the car headed to the facility.  As we were pulling out of the driveway Jacob was repeating the morning's conversation for the umpteenth time.  I was playing along....

ME: What did you say to Dad this morning?
JACOB: If I could come see him.
ME: What did he say?
JACOB: He said yes!
ME: Are you sure....?
JACOB: Would a best buddy say no?

It melted my heart.  He and his Dad truly are best buddies and I love it!

Looking through my phone pics I realized one of the reasons Jacob loves to go see Dad at work is so he can eat with him at the cafeteria.  Dad lets him have cinnamon toast crunch and ice cream EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Alayna likes the frozen yogurt and berries just like her Dad.

We all love eating at the new facility and from the pics it looks like we all have our favorites. The blurry one of me was taken by Jacob because of course he didn't want me to feel left out of the pictures.  He is far more considerate than most adults.  

So tonight as I was telling kids to go to bed, Jacob got upset and started to have a fit about Dad being gone recruiting and how he wouldn't be able to tuck him in.  Of course I was not going to have him pitching a fit especially when it was my fit to have, after doing the dinner drill, homework, more homework, discipline, carpool, Allie fits, cleaning, and now tucking in all by myself.  I started to get after Jacob when he stopped me with genuine sincerity through sniffles and tears "HE'S NOT JUST A NORMAL DAD!!!....HE'S A.....GREAT GREAT DAD!! and I want him to tuck me in."

I'm lucky to have such great men in my life. Love both of them to the moon and back!

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Wendy said...

So sweet! Jacob does that to us too. Rylee and me. He always swings by our roll on the way to primary and hollers "Hello Wendy & Rylee!" Love him!