Truth is...

The truth is, this little guy is one of the most genuine, kind, thoughtful little 6 year old out there. He loves his grandma and has a very special relationship with her. He loves to visit, tell stories, listen, play games with her and when she gets worn out he will just play by her. He is a great example of pure love. I love this picture of mom because you can see she is truly happy.
The girls made this snowman outside grandmas window and he made one right next to it. Such fun happy little guys watching over grandma.

Jacob loves to work with grandpa too! Here they are painting the tractor Allie gave him for Christmas. It was funny to listen to the two of them working together. He is growing up so fast. 
The night before we left the cabin Jacob came to me. I was washing the dinner dishes and he says mom we need to talk... Grandpa was standing nearby. Jacob looked to him asked for privacy so we could talk. With that, I knew it was going to be something big. He begins by asking for a second chance at making this bad choice a good one. Telling me how he needs to tell me something so he's not lying or living a lie. After verbally working through getting it out I asked "well what did you do?" He replied with "I played with matches" barely holding in the tears. "I promise I will never make that bad choice again" I asked him where? "By the wood pile..." I had to really calm my initial instinct to "what in the world were you thinking!?!!?" I told him to go talk to his dad. Jay was able to see Jacob had already been tortured and disciplined by himself that he calmly talked about the consequences of playing with matches and left it at that. We have had more discussions since then regarding his choices. I need to remember he is a curious, happy, thoughtful, smart little 6 year old who is always reminding me to do things the "Christ way". And he blesses my life in so many ways. BUT THANK THE HEAVENS we did not have to put out a raging fire!! 

A few weeks later, he caught me sneaking this shot of him helping a lady put her groceries on the belt. (She is trying to shake his hand in gratitude) He offered this help without a prompting from me. (I had my nose in a trashy magazine {{blush}}) 
My hope for this post is that as he gets older and decides to take the truck for a joy ride or some other decision that makes me want to pull my hair out I can remember who this wonderful little boy really is!!

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