"Just so stylish...."

There was this one time when I had just one very obedient, compliant child who I could dress up in all sorts or fun and trendy fashions. That time seems so long ago.
 Last week before church I had to pick a few battles. I wanted matching tan mary janes and she wanted yellow plastic Belle dress up heels. We ended up with white tights and white sandals....sigh

Then there was this guy. I wanted to comb his hair and he thought he could do a better job.

Yes, he went to church just like that prideful grin and all.  
When Jay sat and looked down the bench he couldn't believe I didn't fix it.

And then there's this adorable monkey.  I've surrendered to any battle with this one.  I just know she will be in a tshirt / hoodie and chuck taylors. Even on the day they had to dress up to take a field trip to the symphony she wore a beautiful lace dress with her chuck taylors.

  But the reason for this picture was to document a comment she made as we were walking into Target.  

"Mom, I just love this shirt! Not only is it so soft and comfortable but it is so stylish!!" 

And although you won't be seeing any of these styles on pinterest or in a gap catalog, their smiles will grace every page of my heart!