New Year, New Goals

Life is great! We love it here in Ogden.  We are coming up on our living here 1 year anniversary {WHAT?!?} I know, it went by so fast!!

And I am so excited for this new year.

We are all plugging along.

In the trenches of raising and being a family.

Life, really is. good.

I have so many goals and plans for this new year it makes me so excited!

One that is so exciting it SCARES me,

Going back to school.

It is one I have tried to do multiple times and have struggled to get er done.

This time I am a little more focused and have a plan.

I am starting with a 3 credit online class and then plan to get on campus in the fall.

So super exciting but so super TERRIFYING at the same time.

Looking at my book that was only $130 and my first online module, panic attacks are in full force

 BUT you know what pinterest says.....

But seriously....

This is going to be a good year.

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