Babysitting and cars

My dad has lost his hearing completely in one ear and his other has diminished. He has tried hearing aids that didn't help and most recently had a Baha implant. Where a stud is placed in his skull, then a device is attached that allows him to hear so much better. 

Unfortunately the stud fell out. 

Just thinking about it makes me sick. 

He loved it so much that he decided to repeat the surgery this past weekend. 

He had to be to lds hospital 45 minutes away at 5:30am. I brought Allie with me while Jay got the other kids off to school. She kept Dad entertained while waiting to go into surgery and waiting to be discharged. 

He tried to walk out on his own but the nurses caught him and told him he had to ride. 

Here he is on the other end of the wheelchair. I took the picture for mom to see how the tables had turned. 

On the way home dad was craving I HOP 

The server was so nice and put Allies whip cream on her pancake "just like Daddy's owie". We had to correct her it was grandpa. 

Fingers crossed when I'm 64 someone will think I could have a 3 year old 

We got him home and medicated and he slept. Jay and I had to go to a recruiting dinner. I made them dinner and left Ashtyn to babysit. As we were leaving the restaurant heading home we got a panicked phone call from Ashtyn. 

"Mom, we are in the lowes parking lot, grandpa wanted a doo rag. He said he wasn't feeling good and for us to stay in the truck and then he threw up 2 times just outside the truck and now he's inside and we are worried! He didn't look too good!" 

We happened to be right by lowes so we pulled in and Jay found dad in the bathroom doing fine. 

I am still giggling about the jock strap looking contraption he let the kids decorate with butterfly stickers and is wandering lowes (and apparently the auto parts store) 

Too bad they didn't have a welders doo rag bandana. But a good thing he didn't get pulled over and given a DUI from the meds he was taking. There's a reason they say don't make any decisions and stay in the care of an adult for 24 hours. 

*note to self don't let Ashtyn babysit grandpa. 

When we got home he looked at old cars for sale on the internet with the kids. He even showed them the car he bought for me and IF I got straight A's, we would restore it.
 Well... To my regret I didn't get straight A's.

I didn't take the straight A's seriously. I thought he had already bought the car and he wasn't going to really sell it?

I was taught 2 great lessons though. 1.Then as a kid that good things come from good grades whether it is a car, knowledge, satisfaction or a scholarship. 
2.And now as an adult, if you make a deal with or discipline your kid, the follow through is the most important. I try to make sure if I say it, I can follow through. Sometimes it's hard and I'm sure it was hard for dad to follow through but I am grateful he did. 

I do still kick myself to have never been able to ever drive this cute little Nash metropolitan {{sigh}}

So after all the meds wore off 😉 the next day we let Jacob go look at cars with grandpa. He loves cars just as much as grandpa and I am excited to see how their relationship blossoms in the garage. 

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