One Lullaby And A Bunch Of New Names

I am NOT one for long night time routines.  

I never have been.

When it's time for bed I am usually out of patience and wanting to go to bed myself.

I have been known to bribe kids with quarters to get jammies on, brush teeth 
and get in (and STAY IN!)  bed.

I don't know if it is Grinch like symptoms that have made my heart grow or if I just ran out of quarters but I have a new bribe for the babies of the family 

Baby Jacob age 7 and Baby Allie age 3

Although I'm pretty sure the girls wouldn't mind if I bribed them too.

So here it is...
IF their rooms are clean (NO legos on the floor for me to step on or toys to have to climb over)
IF they have flushed, brushed and washed...
IF they have behaved reverently through family prayers
without relentless encouragement on my part


Julie Andrews and I will sing them a lullaby.

Julie joins me via youtube on my iphone for 2 reasons

1. Even after 50 times singing it I still forget words
2.  Their memories will be of a beautiful voice and I just might get the credit ;)

I know, it's a diabolical plan including bribes and fraud seeing how I don't have the voice of an angel but it achieves the goal of them happily going to bed.

And in doing so I might just trick them into thinking I am as sweet and patient as Mary Poppins or even Truly Scrumptious....

Which brings me to the other song I love to sing and have sung back to me.

All my kids know it and Jay especially loves when we sing it in the car on long road trips (insert groans and eyerolls)

But man oh man I love the thought of this song.

"Toot sweets sound like what they are
So do lollies in a lollipop jar. Gingerbread men have a ginger bread sound we found.
Sugar Plums, Cinnamon and Lemon Tart tell you what they are right from the start
and your name does the same for you."

Truly Scrumptious is exactly what her name says
and I have often wondered if I could name my children exactly what they are what their names would be.

Maybe Ashtyn would have a first name along the lines of Angelic or Radiant.  Anyone who knows her would not deny this.  She is an angel who radiates integrity.  And for her last name something she is always striving for, Perfection or Excellence. I appreciate every effort she makes in seeking for Excellence. The world would be a better place if more people tried as diligently as Ashtyn.
Radiant Perfection 

Maybe Alayna would have a first name of Wonder or Inquisitive because she is always seeking for knowledge. Which makes her very, very smart.  She would need a middle name of Perpelxity and her last name would be Compassionate or Deliberate.  She has such a tender heart, especially for those she sees in need and not just the outside needs.  She has an amazing intuition of the needs that most people don't see.  She is always very deliberate about filling those needs and is compassionate towards them.
Curious Enigma Kindhearted

Jacob I feel like he would be Christmas because generally that is the way he makes people feel.  Happy like everything in the world is just right. The way you feel on Christmas morning. And for his last name Maker. Maker of Legos, messes, destruction Maker of happiness and love. He is a special boy who can make people feel like they are royalty.  
Christmas Maker

Allie, the newest little spirit to our family is a little trickier and maybe in a few years I will change what her name would be but for starters I will go with Cheerful or Jubilant.  She is almost always happy. And if she isn't.... Wait a minute and she will be happy again.  Not much gets this girl down.  She loves to laugh and be silly.  I will wait to give her a last name she has so much more growing into her personality that will be the dictator.

None of the names roll off the tongue quite like Truly Scrumptious so I will just keep them Ashtyn, Alayna, Jacob and Allie but at least you know "what they are" 

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