So there's this girl. She's pretty amazing. Actually not just pretty amazing, she amazes me everyday. She came home from the hospital the day after she was born and slept through the night. In kindergarten she asked for an alarm clock so she could get up earlier than me and do her "routine". Her current routine gets her up at 6am and she practices the piano, makes her breakfast, and a healthy lunch. She is so thoughtful, careful and tries so hard. She just turned 15 and is so excited to get her learners permit.  She has downloaded the drivers handbook and has been diligently studying.  And when it comes to studying I never have to get on her.  She is always doing extra credit and checking her grades to make sure she has all A's.  She is such a natural leader like her dad.  She is so beautiful inside and out.  She is very kind and thoughtful. She doesn't give me the typical teenage drama (although she does roll her eyes and gets a teeny tiny bit moody on occasion) I can always depend on her to happily help me out.  I don't know know what I would do without her.  Her spirit is such a blessing in our house.

Here are a few examples of life with Smash

Luckily I had just checked her account as well so I knew Alayna had -.30 in her account and had sent her with money that morning.
I often wonder if she should have been the mom. And sometimes I have to remind her that I AM the mom..

She regularly calls me when I am at the grocery store to remind me of things we need.

I love that she writes to do notes to herself.
I especially love the (Don't worry youll do great)

I am a lucky mom!  Blessed to have her as an example.
 Smash you ARE GREAT!

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