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My goal this year of contributing to a journal (of sorts) included making at least 10 entries/posts a month. Month one was a little difficult, not really knowing what to write, month two and three I got it easy, month four has been a little more difficult. Like most of the goals I make, life happens and I get too busy for the goal and it gets pushed aside. This being the last day of the month I will get that 10th entry in! (Speaking of the last day of the month, I am feeling guilty that our VT brunch did not work out. Not from lack of trying from day 1 of the month, none the less, I did not get it done :( !)

This is a bit of a random sampler of life in April.

Red Butte Garden does a free admission day every year on arbor day and they pass out little trees for the kids to plant. I remember Dad always planting a tree on arbor day, I don't know if there is any other reason other than it is 'Arbor Day' but I have always liked that he does that and hope that tradition will continue for generations. I don't think you can ever have too many trees in a yard and can't wait to plant many more in our own yard and in Island Park. Alayna Jacob and our friends went and even with the crowds and cold I loved it. I like to get ideas and see how plants look in a bed or garden. I wish I would have taken more pics of the plants.

Alayna and Sarah loved the childrens gardens and snacks at the fish pond.

*I love when family visits! (hint hint Emily K, Ashley, Jared, Jess, Eli, and all other family that is reading this!) This week Josie came down with her family and was able to spend some time in SLC. Ashtyn was so sad that she couldn't skip school to play with cousins, but after the letter from the district scolding us for taking her out of school too often, we have to pick and choose when to take her out. It was good for Alayna to have a little more attention from mom. One of our adventures was to the zoo. We kept saying what a perfect day it was, great weather and not much of a crowd. (Miss congeniality - What is your perfect date?) The kids got a kick out of the big metal singing elephant, actually so did the moms watching the kids. Alayna surfing on the alligator. She has so much "personality"

Isn't he just the cutest little guy you have ever seen!? He had a fever that day and wasn't feeling well, but was still so happy and smiley. You could not ask for a better boy!

*With the end of spring ball and the beginning of recruiting starting, Jay gets a little extra time at home so we make sure we pack it all in. Ashtyn and I started soccer. We have juggled schedules so far since we both have games Wed night. I am wishing I would have been playing before now. They (team mates and other teams) don't even mind cheer leading, crying, "I'll get the ball!", "when is it over", "Go MOM!" "Are you o.k.?" screaming kids on the side line. We also started swim lessons this past week. Last year we did April May sessions, because I knew during the summer we would not be around for the duration of a swim session. It works out with Jay gone recruiting most of May. The last lesson is right before memorial day and a trip to Vegas. This is motivation to pass their levels so they can swim at the Mandalay Bay pool. After last years trip, Alayna would tell everyone how much she loves Las Vegas. Although we love Vegas, having a 3 yr old telling everyone how great Vegas is was a little disturbing....?

It is amazing that even though I try very very hard not to over schedule our family in things it still happens. Between two soccer clubs, dance, swim lessons, ward softball (I scored and well, uh...Jay didn't) girls camp meetings (some I haven't made it to), achievement days, Elders quorum service projects, training with Jay (sigh) and the list goes on and on. How do you not over schedule???? We haven't even started with Alayna or Jacob for that matter....And then you have the following........As I was cleaning up from dinner I heard Jacob crumpling paper and giggling and thought, "what a happy kid"............ He is not even crawling! He is the happiest baby you'll meet, but.....he is a busy busy boy. There are never enough hours in a day.


snakeriverwalton said...

I didn't know you scored at softball! I need tips on not overscheduling too- let me know when you get it figured out. Which dance recital are you attending?

Heather Bergsjo said...

I think the more kids you have your busy even on the days that things aren't scheduled. It looks like you had fun with your family. Alayna is so funny!

The Brockbanks said...

Tell Jay not to be mad at me about the cougars comment. I had to tease him! I feel like every conference when they talk about not over scheduling they start out by saying...."This is to Nan Brockbank...." I don't know how to fix it!!! I try, but it is so hard. I think the older they get the harder it is.
Your kids are so cute. I think you have had three great babies!