Jay Got Tagged! Ha! Ha!

Jay's Tag
4 Jobs I've Had
1.Football Coach (Uof U)
2.Professional Football Player (Buffalo Bills)
3.Orderly LDS Hospital
4.Multiple Construction Jobs (sheetrock, framing)
4 Movies I enjoy
1.Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them)
2.Dumb and Dumber
3.Rush Hour
4.Wedding Crashers
4 Places I've lived
1.Murray, UT
2.Rexburg, ID
3.Puerto Rico
4.Lehi, UT
4 of my favorite foods
1.Chile Verde
2.Guacamole, Bacon Burger with Jalapenos
4 people who email me regularly
1.Online Gambling Junk mails
2.People wanting to walk on the the Uof U Football Team
3. Golf Galaxy
4.My beautiful wife Sara
4 places I'd rather be
3.Puerto Rico
4.Watching my kids at Disney World
4 things I look forward to this year
1.Beating BYU
2.Beating the team down south
3.Beating that blue team in Provo
4.Did I mention beating BYU
4 people I tag
1.AmyWalton, I did owe you
2. Donna Reitveld, for getting mad in church
3. Ryan Walton, Cause every man should be so humble at least once
4.??? don't know 4 people who have the time to answer tags


katie terry said...

Hey Jay...it's me again! Love to see that your wife's blogging is rubbing off on ya! GOOD!
HEy Sara...I hope that you don't mind my blog spying on you?!? I feel like I have to let everyone know otherwise I feel guilty!?! We've never met but I have only heard great things about you....

Take care...and GO BYU!

The Brockbanks said...

Hey Jay-

snakeriverwalton said...

I tagged you- you can't tag me back b/c I already answered all the questions. But I'll encourage Ryan and nudge Donna for you.