Spring Ball Red White Game

After Alayna's B-day party we made it to the last half of the Spring red white game. I should not have been... but was surprised by the amount of people in attendance. It got me so excited for the season. All the coaches and players get so sick of football at this stage with all the beatings they take and no Saturday games to look forward to. But it is fun for the girls and Jacob to get some cheering in. They love the games. They like to get dressed in the red and white, pack their toy bags and give high fives and knuckles to the players. I'm sure Jacob will have just as much or more fun this season. I took this picture just as he was saying "I love going to football games!" He is quite the prodigy, 8 mos and already talking.....not really, but if he were talking that is what he would say. Either that or "Hey mom, can I have another polish dog?"
Ashtyn and her LPS. Can't leave home without them. She takes very good care of her lps sea horse, lps crab, lps spider, etc.....But when it comes to real pets.....?
The best part of football games is when the girls can go down on the field and let off all the energy built up the previous 3-4 hours sitting watching the game. Ashtyn has the cheerleader thing down. Alayna, might carry a pom pom, but she is a little more aggressive and usually ends up chasing and tackling who ever she can.
We missed the Alumni game that Jay and Pete played in. I wished we could have seen them. I heard lots and lots about the game. A little about guarding Kevin Dyson a little about a pitch pass to Pete that almost won the game and a little about how tired they were. I'm sure as time passes their version of how the game went down will get better and better. Aside from the wind it was a beautiful day. It got me really excited to take the kids to the games in the fall. (After we enjoy a restful summer break!)


Emily K said...

I miss those football games! We'll have to come this fall. What the heck are LPS? Am I missing something?

Emily Oman said...

hey you look smokin' hot in that top picture! can't wait for this season!

libbie said...

ummmmmmmm . . . I look at your blog sometimes too. I am totally into blog stalking, although these days I don't have too much time for it. Your kids are cute, and of course you are a still a babe!