Better late than never...Right Jess?


It took me a little longer than planned to get to this but here goes.

4 Jobs I've Had:

JLHH - Accountant

W.C. Hospital - Nurse

Playroom Arena - Referee
Cafe' Mc Hill - Sous Chef

4 Movies I have or would like to watch over and over:

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Miss Congeniality

Nanny Mcphee

Private Eyes

4 of my favorite foods

Raspberry Zingers




4 Places I have lived

Nampa, ID

Rexburg, ID

Holladay, UT

Lehi, UT

4 People who email me regularly

Jill S.

Brent D. (forwards only)

Betty Crocker


4 Places I'd rather be

In my bed (I love my bed)

At the cabin

At mom and dads

At home (I am home, I just like being here)

4 Things to look forward to this year

Going to the Pool with my kids

Time at the cabin

Football season

4th of July (and all the other days in July that Jay has off!)

4 People I Tag

Amy W

Wendy R

TeNeale R

Ashley G


snakeriverwalton said...

aaaah- I can't believe you tagged me. Alright- watch for it.

The Richhart Family said...

Okay, so you can tell I haven't been blog stalking lately. I just read that I've been tagged. Yikes! I've never been tagged before. What's so funny is James was tagged by Ryan, he's going to freak!
I just love your blog. You are an inspiration!