Circus, Circus

About 6 years ago we took Ashtyn to the circus. Both Jay and I were so excited because we had never been ourselves. So we get there and I still to this day can't put my finger on it but it was just......
I kind of think part of it was the 3 rings thing...an insane amount of sensory stimulation. Along with the constant vendors in the aisles. It was a little more 'edgy' than I expected and a little more bizarre. Both Jay and I left saying "oh, that. was. a. little. different. Not quite like Dumbo?
I saw that it is new and improved and the reviews are great.
Funny thing though, Emily and Chad took Kennedy last year and had the same reaction...."Oh, that was.....??"

So instead of forking over a large sum of money to see the greatest show on earth, we just checked out the free parade....


I love when toddlers wave to parade people...
...Like the are the only one in the whole crowd

Then there were the Elephants!
Isn't that the whole reason you go to the Circus is to see these big guys walk trunk to tail?

Circus quota fulfilled....
One day, maybe I will not deprive my children of the circus, but this was a pretty great show. Not to mention, Jacob attention span was exactly that of the length of the parade.
(under 10 mins)

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Wendy said...

I think the parade would be perfect! Plus you get to see them so much closer....that or we just have always had really cheap tickets!